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I’m extremely excited about the launch of this blog! The ladies and I have a vision and I can’t wait to see this through and to see how far we can go! Bare with us as we are all learning as go!
A little about me:
I went to school in Philly where I met the other amazing ladies of this blog. We all studied fashion together now and have a BS degree in Fashion Design. While a Philadelphia University, I played four years of volleyball as a middle blocker. The fashion program is what brought and kept us ladies together, through good and bad crits, incidents and awards we’ve all supported each other and have become lifelong friends.  I am from the mid-west and the other ladies are east-coasters, so we stay in touch through our group chat (which you will see a lot of) and social media. We launched this blog together to showcase to the world our talents and how our styles and we as people evolve. I started to fall in love with blogging during the internship I had last summer where I blogged and ran social media for an event planning company in Indianapolis. I have a very eclectic taste in music and fashion; Im obsessed with everything from pearls, monograms, menswear, skulls, mermaids |I believe I was mermaid in a past life| to puffer vests, combat boots & cutoffs. I make my own style that revolves around basic staple pieces, classic silhouette dresses, mixed with trendy pieces all with a preppy edge. Featured on my page will be my personal fashion along with snapshots of my life, and whatever else I feel is relevant! Taking on the shameless post grad life one #ootd at a time!
Fun Facts:
 I have an imperial shih-tzu named, Sir Bentley George. I have an obvious shopping addiction, oh the brokeness. Tattoos are everything. Queen Bey, enough said.
I get way too invested in television series. Sports are an incredibly huge part of my life. Slight obsession with matte black motorized vehicles. If I could get paid to do anything, i would want it to be traveling. I have a thing for beautifully crafted doors. And i have many obsessions that i’m sure will make it onto the blog!
My blogger inspiration is Jennifer Grace, of the Native Fox. I’m a huge fan of her style and her gorgeous accessories.
Taking over the world one #ootd at a time. 

Stay tuned for my Monday posts!

XX Jordan


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Rainy Day Attire

Rainy Day Attire

Accessorizing for Fall

Accessorizing for Fall


Fall Trend Week!


















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