Flower Child Chic


About Me

I’m Gabby! I am a recent grad of Philadelphia University’s Fashion Design program and I am currently living in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I design women’s ready-to-wear but the majority of my clothes are “thrift store transformations.” As of now I am selling my designs at a boutique in Lancaster but I plan on eventually branching out and opening my own store!Β 

My Style

My style is a mix of anything boho, vintage, and edgy. I gravitate towards anything with texture and detail, I play around with mixing fun prints, and I layer up as much as possible! I love shopping at thrift and consignment shops and pairing my finds with the latest trends. Keep an eye out for my blog if you want a playful style and you’re willing to take a fashion risk! I post on THURSDAYS.

Instagram: GECanosaΒ 

Portfolio: Behance.net/Gabrielacanosa


One thought on “Flower Child Chic

  1. Hi Gabby,
    Your style is fabulous! Your concept of thrift store transformation is brilliant. With your talent , creativity and passion the possibilities are endless. Best of luck. I wish we lived in Lancaster. But if you are in the Northern VA or DC come stay with me and Charlie.
    Tell your Mom and Dad we said hello. Hope to see you VC this summer.
    Best wishes


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