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My Little Sister is Cooler Than Me


IMG_3705 IMG_3706

Name: Jillian

Age: 18

My little sister is one of the coolest people I know. Her style is a seamless range of nineties inspired grunge and bohemian all at once. She can obviously rock an all black outfit, and look like a total bad ass. She’s the kind of girl you find with headphones in, listening to something acoustic, looking thoughtfully out a window. So in the spirt of this look, here are some things I would pick out for her, or anyone who’s liking her style!


TopShop New Big Felt Floppy Hat $52

Floppy hats have been in for a while. But if your style is anything like my sister’s they’re still a great choice! They add a look of bohemian mystery to any outfit, and a black one is an updated hat option for any edgy look.


Dior ‘So Real’ Sunglasses $530

Jillian’s face is the perfect shape for nearly any sunglasses, and she’s got an eye for unique, edgy ones as well. For that reason, these Dior shades are great! They’re edgy, and a rare mix of modern and vintage!


For a similar look, at a more affordable price try these ‘Teddy’ Sunnies available at Warby Parker for $145

mac-lip-pencil-nightmoth Unknown

For a seriously dark lip my pick is Mac’s ‘Night Moth’ liner, followed by their ‘Cyber’ Lipstick. It has great staying power and is a unique shade of plum I haven’t been able to match anywhere else! Its the perfect compliment for any moody, mysterious grunge inspired outfit.


Dr. Martens ‘Caitlin’ Boots $160- $170

Doc Martens are seriously some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. These are a little more fashion forward and edgy, and they definitely channel the nineties!


Free People We the Free Sunset Park Thermal $68

There are seriously endless possibilities with this layering thermal, and loose things always add an element of edge to an outfit.

These are some of my picks for Jillian and anyone who enjoys her style, or has style like her’s! They’re all perfect building blocks for the perfect grunge, or dark bohemian outfit! Enjoy!

Get Inspired XX


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