Drapey not Droopy

 Drapey not Droopy

Loosely draped garments have always been a fan of mine, but there is a huge difference between properly draped items and looking like you’re hiding something.   But make sure these draped items are meant for you’re size; that’s key! If you are a size 6 don’t buy a size 12 dress and hope it’ll drape better.  The proportions will be off and it will begin to look as if you have been eaten by your clothes.
Just because you love draped items and loose garments doesn’t mean you need to forget your true size. Here are a couple if ways to wear loose, draped garments without loosing what’s underneath them.


We started in my closet

with a shirt by Swedish company called COS that gives a great baby doll silhouette due to the pleats on the back.  With a plain front, the shirt goes great with sleek pair of pants and heels; giving you a comfortable and loose dressy look for dates, meetings, or a night out.

Shirt: Cos
Pants: J. Crew
Heels: J.Crew Collection
Quilted Backpack: Coach (circa 2000)

 Next we went to the Playground:


Here’s to all the kids-at-heart out there!  Since your a fan of the classic baby doll, its a fun and youthful silhouette that can be dressed up or down.  This is a dress I made from my most recent collection.  Made of Nylon Lycra its lightweight and flirty for any occasion, even a playground.

Dress: Emily Ray
Shoes: Chelsea Styled riding boots by Cole Haan
Sunglasses: Ray bands Aviator Shooters

 images-1 images

Next is a Free People dress with peasant sleeves in a lightweight cotton weave. Perfect for a late summer time trip to the playground; so grab your dress and add a pair of converse to maximize frolicking abilities.  Or, pair this dress with a pair of classic riding boots and a statement necklace to transition into fall.

Dress: Free People
Necklace: Nicole Miller
Shoes: Frye Classic Riding boots/ Converse high tops
Sunglasses: Ray Band Aviator Shooters

Lastly we went to a park

 _MG_7791_3 _MG_7757

This last look is one of my favorites and its two completely different dress no less!  It’s a perfect way to dress up the drapey for an evening look.

Dress (under): Aritizia
Dress (over):  Local Boutique in Somerville
Shoes:  J. Crew (so old)
Sunglasses:  Ray Ban Aviator Shooters