The Preppier Side of Life

The Preppier Side of Life


When I was growing up I used to wear Lilly Pulitzer, Laura Ashley, Ralph Lauren and Vineyard Vines everyday like it used to be my job.  Nantucket and Avalon were like my second homes, and pink and green (if you couldn’t have already assumed) were my favorite colors, naturally.  And as for accessories?….a bow and a smile…..Like I even had to explain that.

Needless to say, I have changed.  A lot.  I have grown up and come into my own based on new locations, friends, my education and scenarios.  But, I’m still the same happy and peppy like when I was a little kid, just not always as fitted and colorful.

So, all this being said I’m going to throw it back (is throwback tuesday a thing?…….ehhhhhh we’ll work on that) to looks that still have a soft spot in my heart for.  So thanks to Pinterest here are some great images.

Disclaimer:  They scream “PREP PLEASE” so if bright colors, plaids, bows and monograming make you queazy……this might not be the post for you

Fall/Winter Prep

Quilted vests, Riding boots, Plaid tops and Statement necklaces or scarves, and maybe a cable sweater here and there………check

886744085a02d44ec8a7f6b514eb674e  1057b820c2de433bbed19418be00d677 48b05c8709686edb8df746a2c4c11a02 7b9559057370a6b441c3df7afc2a665a879555179dbc953363a81726e7cf9687 5f317c1e0fd2869f11bb7474e2de5bf4 4ad73816923acea173bd7b03e800fef2 5cdaf995ee62100f302383563ace34e4  3e2194a152a463afad1a76ffba9f4fef fa0e2443d4e771c42155bb01259527e4 fa747ca6222dd184655648afed206af4 dc47cd937f8a5e5173fd5f01e08ad16e ecd9693e4962fc973fc8da0153f42022  dbca8a278f9d277a4bb81ffb4b260af0 f81003a0c6fe9fa252236cc177c93f2d d56c5ff7a57d52d2c9c1101eb58c4c4c d0949dbcfc34be38dbf99d80111f9ae6 bb26b64eb35847288c094e3ecc7c549e

Spring/Summer Prep

bright cardigan, monogrammed purses, wallets, sweater, shoes, bright colors, seersucker, bright prints, jack rogers, fun jewelry……….check

afe5550bd5b2d098dcb756905b0b8e43 b0b91e1ad0495c2f9b386f31c8d9af88   b2676bfc4fe1ded81443ec60c59a53ce bd416f69f3956b54ef6ef797fa2b73c4  d76bc66a46aa22f0d9a77468e60c0e21 d20591115703b4ac213a3a1bedbac82c b57aaa1d951586d034e3da34d9d0cbef deac9e16e33ae1e88b5f55f731863289 e9fe1f74f8507da5c11171ea930dc0ae fff402d6b8af44d38c293316b10e28c5 fffb76d3a741559b7e40a38b4609e5da 0e11514937b14256ef27fbcabc1c35ac 1caa3d76509340d29465e7ead6c18b7b 2b452219c94cbde8d24530b4e118e6d4 2f4ec9c47aeb12ad7d841dc6f1925379 3e6874bd9b4af7dd652faf8e78cc4c0f 6ecd479ee9c58dde81e1972b23b53ae0 21bfd6193512d43b224bdf16b5e28758  36b1877672426cae69c43063ebeec513 21e97e0c18a1ad6374b58406e5128121075e391188693fcd59734a468d5b545e 69c3cd0c2e650d8cdd891374eff7e6cb 88f9879c0222f55bf606a5bd9e79fefd 557c3d2f55a051a4be19fe8ce2233913 6338ea1e49cd49b3c26a091ad5b8363b   ae08b78edabe9748f799887711610397

Shoes Shoes Shoes

2823816ca81e30e717f7e595a0b76fa9 749674f4dc168a87efe6f398d34009de 398667e6631f27698db2659f4ff449ec34970c22ebbcbbf87882b9256de416b8  64c83c029693dbed684c3dbb6bba63b4 9cef63822ee96c5beeefe63bbfc125ef15ef647f46f5fa38be443383f1ad1e60 e7f7e5608e7b608a3c49167033d516aa ca9fef391463c80e35618a091957dbaa c578e528810b406c25a658c4ce784093


Lilly for Target

Good news Lilly Lovers, April 19th marks the opening of Lilly Pulitzer for Target!

Check it out


And if the whole preppy thing is your vibe here are some blogs to check out:


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