Shirts Over $h1t: Pt. Deux

 Shirts Over $h1t

Part Deux


A While back one of my first posts was called Shirts Over $h1t:

“Today’s post is oh so eloquently named “Shirts Over S***” and is pretty self explanatory. Add shirts over your favorite basic pieces and give your look a new fun twist! Layers are a great ways to add a personal flare to your wardrobe so….. layer up!”

hear, see, speak no evil


So for Part Deux:

Adding shirts over dresses, other shirts, dresses over pants, socks over tights….the possibilities are endless! SOOO that being said here are plenty of fun and wacky ways to

“get the layered look” 

 Shirts over Shirts

Adding button downs over other tops is always a fun way to incorporate layers

IMG_4931 IMG_4932 Free People lace top, Ralph Lauren vintage men’s demin top, J.Crew leggings & socks, Doc Marten boots
IMG_4933 IMG_4934  substitute the Doc Marten’s for J.Crew Pumps, and add a Nicole Miller statement necklace
IMG_4936 IMG_4937 Try a loose white top under instead like this Free People top
IMG_4938 IMG_4939Here’s another vintage Ralph Lauren button down the sleeves rolled with Asos combat boots
Tunics over Shirts

If a shirt is long enough to be considered a dress and fits loosely, add some opaque tights, fun shoes and a tight shirt underneath

IMG_4920 IMG_4922  IMG_4924 IMG_4925

Tunics over Shirts..and a Skirt

Add a skirt, see what happens next..

IMG_4926 IMG_4927Tunic dress shirt from London, Free People lace top, J. Crew neon denim skirt and Jeffery Campbell wedges 
Shirts over Dresses

Shirts over dresses always adds a lighthearted boho layered feel to a look especially of both are loose

IMG_4918 IMG_4919This neon Free People waffled top is my favorite, be sporty by paring a loose dress and converses 
Dresses over Shirts 

You just tried shirts over dresses, flip it around to dresses over shirts and see what happens

 IMG_4930 IMG_4929pair your layers that have similar colors


or, go really crazy, I mean I already had a tutu over lace, I couldn’t stop
Shirts over Dresses cont.
Frosty Feels

Here are some white on white frosty feels..depending on the weight of the layers, might be great for summer too!

IMG_4914 IMG_4917take an Urban Outfitters dress, a free people top, socks and wedges or put another dress over your dress like this Cos one and Converse
IMG_4915 IMG_4916 ok so go back to take one, just this time add neon…….socks
IMG_4908 IMG_4909 IMG_4910 IMG_4911Those frosty feels you’re feeling….yeah we can’t have bare legs in the snow, so darken your bottom half and stay warm with opaque stockings and some Doc Martens 

 last and most dangerous….

Dress over Shirt over Shirt
IMG_4912 IMG_4913 woah, ok so Urban outfitters dress, Free People top, J.Crew Flannel then socks under some wedges

 “get the layered look”



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