She’s At It Again!

She’s At It Again!


You would think...

That after 4 straight years of sewing till 2 and 3 am, pulling all nighters filled with drawing, illustrating and researching I would have learned my lesson right?!?  Wrong, for some reason I find that I am still sewing…….

Pieces that once were for school projects, grades and fashion shows after graduation have transitioned to surprises for family members, which then grew into a collection with amazing customers and now FINALLY has come around to benefit myself  and my own wardrobe ❤

Starting with my New Year’s dress, I have been on a voracious sewing spree lately and I’m actually…….kinda loving it.  Sewing is NOT why I went into being a fashion designer. It was really all about drawing, creating endless ideas and creativity, but now that I am capable of bringing these 2D paper ideas to life, I’m making the best of it. (I know, it’s a little selfish) but my wardrobe is seriously thanking me for adding fun frocks and solid staples to my ever depleting closet space.  AND because I am an Aries (we are all confident jerks really) I love walking around knowing when people ask me where I bought it and I can smile and admit my secret with confidence.

 So, yesterday I made this........

IMG_4162 IMG_4163  IMG_4170 IMG_4171 IMG_4165 IMG_4168 IMG_4169 IMG_4173 IMG_4172 IMG_4164

How To Style:

And here are a bunch of fun ways I have messed around styling it!

Layered with another turtleneck sweater

IMG_4241 IMG_4243

With the best scarf ever

  IMG_4245 IMG_4244 IMG_4246

With combat boots and ripped tights

IMG_4247 IMG_4248

With a sweater that can be worn about 358284362714 ways

IMG_4249 IMG_4250

As a tunic with "winter" white denim 

IMG_4251 IMG_4252

With a great jacket hung over the shoulders 


With heels, a statement necklace and a red lip

IMG_4254 IMG_4255

So remember….





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