Neon Safari


Well…its official I have made it 23 years, thanks mom!

This past week/entire month of April I’ve been celebrating my birthday! Yes, I am one of those people who semi/fully make a big deal about their birthday, I’m not ashamed!

To celebrate my friends and I went to Louisville, KY and went out on 4th Street Live!

If you ever make it to the ville, make sure you hit 4th st. its one of my favorite places to go out!

Back to the point… NEON SAFARI!

I went exploring today!



My neon worked better than camo today!

Weekend Recap:

Louisville for the win!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Β Current Music Obsession:

Yelawolf’s new album Love Story is EVERYTHING.Β Im obsessed.

Fav songs:

Till its gone

Whiskey in a bottle

American you


Also keeping Baltimore in my thoughts & prayers

ELE: Everyone Love Everyone

XOXO Jordan


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