MAXImize Life

This week I’ve decided to try a few new things! The first is that I’ll be featuring my one of my favorite Instagram accounts, I will also be featuring a friend of mine each week and lastly I’m going to add in a little lifestyle section! I hope you enjoy!



 IMG_7663  IMG_7726  IMG_7675  IMG_7727  IMG_7725

Maxi dresses can be an easy transition into fall, throwing a flowy shirt or sweater of the dress makes for a quick outfit.

Striped dress from Target along with the button down top and necklace

Leather booties by Unisa



Mid west weather makes using summer pieces much easier, the warmer weather allows for more freedom with lighter layers

I wore this outfit to a wedding shower and it was easy & comfortable

Black maxi from Target and vest from Nordstrom

And Sir Bentley George obviously steals the show!

 Instagram Obsession

 I’m obsessed with adorable fashionable kids, as I’m sure a lot of you are as well.

I think I follow more kids fashion accounts on Instagram than I do high fashion, kids fashion is just so much cuter!

So my Instagram obsession of the week is


They are the most fashion set of twin boys, their closet is better than most adults!


IMG_7729     IMG_7728     IMG_7613

 Fashionable Friends

I have a lot of fashionable friends I think everyone would like, so I’ve decided to feature one friend a week and share their style!

This week is my former roommate and great friend Lauren! She is crazy in all the right ways! Obsessed with skulls, anchors, tattoos, bulldogs and all things fancy!

Meet Lauren, she’s a pirate mermaid jedi!


IMG_7735 IMG_7730 IMG_7731 IMG_7732


Meet Hugo, this massive dog is the slobbery love of her life!

Outfit Specs:

Booties- BCBG, Necklace- Forever21, Chain belt- H&M,

Black ring – Rouge and Wolf (UK)

Jacket & Skirt- H&M


I feel as if a lifestyle section is a necessity, so here it goes…

 I love to cook so I thought I would start off the feature with something fun!

I turned Sundays leftover brunch items into an unhealthy lunch, here’s how i did it!

Funnel cakes &
Sweet & spicy pronto nuggets

A few of the basic ingredients

I started by splitting the leftover waffle/pancake batter into 2 portions, 1 for funnel cakes and the other for the nuggets
Heat a medium-sized pan of oil to 370º F
                                                                             IMG_7605  IMG_7608

Funnel Cake:

Drizzle batter into oil in a continuous pour until you reach the size you desire. Turn the cake over to brown both sides, this won’t take long. Remove and dust with powder sugar and top with whatever you like!
Remember to fish out any small leftover pieces in between frying to keep the oil clean

Sweet & Spicy Nuggets:

Cut the leftover chicken into nugget sized pieces. Prepare one of the batters by adding 1 tbsp. ground red pepper, paprika, a dash of chili powder to the mix. Evenly coat the chicken in the batter and lower them into the oil one by one. Be sure not to drop them in to avoid splatter and burns. {be sure to keep the oil at 370º throughout cooking, you may have to raise the heat once you’ve put the items in because the more food you add to the oil the lower the temperature become} Once the chicken is in the oil rotate them around with a metal spoon until they are golden brown on all sides. Remove from oil and place on paper towels to cool. Dust them with powder sugar and Sriracha sauce!


I hope you enjoyed the new style of post! Happy shopping, Instagraming, and cooking!

XOXO Jordan