Like Mother, Like Daughter

This week I decided to reach out to all of the beautiful moms that follow our blog. We post a lot for our age group, but I wanted to show how the “Flower Child Chic” style could translate into a more age appropriate look. My mom and I don’t have a very similar style, but I wanted to show her, and all of you, how you can take the clothes you already have and style them to get a whole new look! 

(Don’t worry daughters, I have something in this post for you too!)

photo 1 (35)

This first look is perfect for a casual night out with family or friends. These printed silk pants could be paired with anything from a T-shirt to a blazer, but since I love everything big and flowy, I paired them with this basic black knit top. To dress the outfit up more, I added the two toned heels and jeweled necklaced. Unfortunately, my mom cuts the tags off all of her clothes so I have no idea where anything is from!


photo 5 (21)

This second look is a great day time outfit. The jeans and cute flats keep it comfy and casual and make it an easy outfit to wear while running errands or meeting up with friends. For the top, I layered a sheer pink tank under an oversized black sweater and threw on several silver  bangles for a touch of sparkle. I know just throwing on a basic sweater is fast and easy when you’re in a rush, but layering another top underneath is fairly effortless and can completely change the look of an outfit!


photo 3 (27) photo 2 (34)

These last two looks feature my favorite shirt in my mom’s closet. It’s big, it’s flowy, and it’s a neutral color, which basically describes  everything I own. For the first look, I paired it with black riding boots and black leggings (Yes, I think it’s ok to wear leggings at this age as long as they’re worn appropriately. Please refer to my last post for more information on that subject). To add some color, I chose a neon coral scarf and bright blue bag. This look is great for any day time activities, and paired with some rain boots it makes a cozy rainy day outfit.

For the second version of this look I wanted to show how easy it was to take this from day to night. Instead of the scarf, opt for a fun necklace. In this case I chose a silver choker since they are making a comeback this fall (good thing my mom never got rid of it). As for the purse, if you can afford to downsize, I suggest something small and detailed. If you have anything beaded, metallic, printed, or embroidered it can add a fun aspect to your outfit. For the shoes, we decided to stay comfy and stick with the boots, but you can easily throw on some pumps and dress this up even more.


And for the Daughters….

Whether you’re living at home or just visiting for the weekend, I wanted to show you ways you could incorporate pieces from your mom’s closet into your own looks. That being said, I have no idea what’s in your mom’s closet… but either way, maybe you’ll find this helpful in some way or another.


photo 2 (19)

photo 1 (34)

Going through my mom’s closet I found several knit skirts of various colors and prints. This particular one I liked the print of, but was a bit too big for me to wear as it was. Still, I was determined. First, I took a safety pin and pinned the back waistband to my liking. Obviously if you don’t have a big sweater on you probably won’t get away with this trick, but I have a huge sweater on… Still, I felt that the hem was a little long on me, so I took another safety pin and gathered up the skirt on the side to give it a slight lift (see picture below). Since the print of the skirt was pretty bold, I stuck with black and white for the rest of the outfit and added my mom’s silver choker for some sparkle.

photo 4 (18)


photo 3 (17) photo 2 (33)

There are a million and one things you can do with a tank top… but here’s something more interesting than pairing it with jeans and a sweater…

photo 3 (26) photo 4 (23)

As for the sweater, pair it with a fun tee or use it as a layer for a casual daytime outfit. I usually don’t wear a lot of color so I would never think to wear this sweater, but I actually like it with an already colorful top. You might be surprised to see what your mom’s sweater sets can bring to the table…


photo 4 (19)

photo 5 (22)

This is one of those things that I would never buy for myself, but could easily fit it into my wardrobe. For this particular look I decided to go casual with some jeans and an army green jacket to contrast the brightness of the top. Then of course I threw on a few necklaces because, why not…

Your mom’s style may not be the same as yours, but when in a rut, there are definitely ways to make them work!