Just a Sliver of Silver

If you live in the North East, you may have noticed that the snow came a little early this year. Although I wasn’t quite ready for it, I was inspired by the silver reflections it gave off while covering my lawn last weekend. So today I wanted to post about how you can wear a small amount of silver to brighten up your outfit on these dreary days.

Silver Finger Tips

This past weekend I came across a post on how to do this awesome nail art, which coincidentally, fit my theme for the week. Please keep in mind I am absolutely horrible at painting my nails, let alone doing nail art, but I tried my best!

photo 3 (33)


Nail Polish

Aluminum Foil



Start out by cutting up aluminum foil into small pieces. You can do random shapes but I kept all of mine triangles just to make it easier to line them up. Next I painted the first coat on all of my nails and let them briefly dry. (Do this next part one finger at a time): Paint a second coat on your finger and while it’s still wet, take your tweezers and place the foil on your nails how you prefer. Use the tip of the tweezers to press down on all of the corners to secure the piece. I know this sounds super hard but trust me, if I can do it, you can do it.

photo 5 (28)

The Silver Tee

photo 2 (43)

I got this silver T-shirt last March at H&M and I absolutely love it. I really recommend trying to find some sort of metallic or shimmery tee to add into your wardrobe. What I love about this piece is that since it is technically a T-shirt, I can wear it with anything that I would normally wear a tee with, but it gives the outfit a completely different look!

photo 4 (29)

This is an outfit I would wear going out for the night. I paired the tee with leather pants and heeled booties for a “causal fancy” look, if that makes any sense at all? You could also just wear a dark wash denim and flats for an even more casual evening look. If you’re a converse girl, they would definitely pair well with this tee.

photo 3 (25)

This second look is a good example of how you can wear this metallic tee with a casual daytime outfit to give it a little spice. I paired it with some distressed denim, a floor length cardi, and purple booties, but really any type of shoe would work for this outfit.

photo 4 (25)

This last look is for those days when you just can’t. This knit maxi skirt is perfect for cold days (if it’s super, super cold, wear leggings underneath to stay warm and still look cute). Then all you need is some boots (accompanied by some warm socks) and a ginormous scarf and voila! (Obviously going to need a jacket as well…)

photo 5 (17)

So do yourself a favor and get a fancy T-shirt.

Just a Sliver...

photo 2 (42)

The easiest way to wear silver is by isolating it and letting it be the star of the show. So go dark and mysterious for the evening and grab a silver accessory to show off. Whether it’s a purse, necklace, bracelet, or awesome heels, it will definitely be the main attraction.

In Other News....

This week I moved into a new house (finally) and was given the opportunity purge my life of unneeded junk and redecorate my room. Now that I’m finally unpacked, I wanted to share with you guys some different ways you can organize your things to make your life easier and still have a cute room.

Spice Rack

photo 2 (25) photo 1 (29)

Use an old spice rack to organize cosmetics (or anything that will fit on it)

Cigar BoxΒ 

photo 1 (28)

Use an old cigar box for any type of storage. It is a great, decorative, alternative to your every day plastic containers.

Coat Stand

photo 1 (42)

I used this coat stand to hold all of my scarves, which are normally shoved in the corner of my closet. Scarves can be difficult to store, but I thought this was a great solution because I was able to see and access all of them. It also solved the problem of my scarves always being scrunched and wrinkled!

Picture FrameΒ 

Β photo 5 (18) photo 3 (24) photo 4 (26)

I actually made this quite some time ago, but it was super easy to do. First I went to my favorite place… you guess it, Goodwill, and picked out an old frame. Then I simply painted it, hammered in some nails, and glued on some extra decorations to create the perfect necklace rack!

Hopefully this inspired you to do some winter cleaning and get that room of yours back in shape!

Love, Gab