Is It Spring Yet???

Waking up this morning to, what looked like, a foot of snow outside my window was not ideal. Maybe you West coasters and Southerners aren’t on the same page as us here in the North East, but holy shit we want spring!!!! So today, in protest of the blizzard outside, I decided pull out my spring clothes and show you guys a few ways you can wear them while it’s still cold. Because let’s face it, it’s not getting warm any time soon….



I cannot tell you how good it felt to bring my shorts out of storage! If you’re craving some j’orts action like I was, try pairing them with an oversized sweater and tights, bonus points for thigh highs (not to mention you’ll be a lot warmer). Then just throw on your favorite scarf and boots and you’re good to go!

Crop Tops 4 Lyfe


I’m always down for a good crop top, but I must admit, they can be difficult to wear in the winter. If you don’t already have high-waisted jeans I would definitely recommend getting yourself a pair. They will drastically change your winter wardrobe! If not, pair your favorite crops with a high waisted skirt and tights instead!


Another way to wear your tiny tops is by layering up! Toss it on with a slip, sweater, tights, and your fav accessories to give it a different look.



As opposed to the LBD, the little white dress is a warm weather staple. However while wearing it in the winter, keep your palette neutral with a possible pop of color and save the bright colors for the sunny weather.

Socks, Sandals, and Wishful Thinking

FullSizeRender-23 FullSizeRender-25 FullSizeRender-24

Just because it’s freezing doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite spring time shoes. Pair them with socks and tights to stay warm yet still get a strappy vibe. Yes, this is a thing, and yes, you should try it.

Stay Warm!!!



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