Iridescent EVERYTHING!!!

Okay so I know I have previously stated that Iridescent things are my FAVORITE!!


But now I have officially started to build a collection of pieces.


Now Lets talk through the pieces.


1. Top Shop Iphone Case



Im usually not into the white iridescent but I loved the texture so… I had to have it!!

2. Frends Headphones in Oil Slick


This is My favorite Iridescent piece I own!!! I love these headphones!! The sound is amazing. AND THEY LOOK SO COOL!

3. Tory Burch Beetle Shoes


These were my first Iridescent piece!! I love them! Β They have a unique look and plus its my 2 favorite things. Bugs and Iridescent!!!

4. TopShop Make-Up Bag


This one is a no-brainer, honestly anything that is iridescent that is under 40 dollars… is going to be mine. and Every girl can always find a use for a bag like this!! Make up, school pencil, toiletry kit, etc.

So thats all I have for now. But now that the accessories are out of the way time to find clothing!



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