In Love With Lace


In Love With Lace

I chose to post about lace today because personally, I find it a bit difficult to work with. In my opinion, lace can remind me of either lingerie, or my grandma’s bed spread, neither of which are a look I’m going for… 
Thus, I have decided to give some pointers on how to avoid this unfortunate situation. 
 il_570xN.466509166_g7wl LZoom_634728732415153266_Lace Temptation by G World - B702 - main

Mix your lace with other textures

By itself, lace can look flat and single noted. Mixing it with different textures can give you a much more interesting look. Plus, it doesn’t put all of the attention on just the lace, which in my opinion, is a good thing. 

photo 5 (16)

Play Peekaboo 

Too much lace in one outfit can be a bit overwhelming if not done properly. Instead, try wearing a small layer of it, either under a dress or top. All you need is a small touch of lace to bring femininity to your outfit! 

photo 4 (17)

Lace and Leather

This isn’t just a great Britney Spears song… lace and leather can be a great combination, but once again, only if done right. My one suggestion, if you want to rock this look, would be to cover up! Both lace and leather can have a sexy feel to them so you’re already going to be a sexy beast once you pair these together. So just stay modest! 

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