The Art of LEATHER

the art of leather

3Β of my Top Leather Pieces styled 3 different ways

three looks

The SKIRT, The DRESS and The Vest


EVERY Girl should OWN a Leather Skirt


I love this leather skirt because of the shaping, its flattering on the PEAR shaped ladies of the world!

For this outfit I paired it with a loose striped sweater (H&M) and a Turquoise fringe necklace.

Why have clean white Chucks when you can have dirty ones πŸ˜‰ It adds character to the outfit!

Perfect to Wear to: Class!


Isn’t it Diverse? You Could Wear it Everywhere!

But lets GRUNGE it UP!

IMG_6673 IMG_6672

Oh hey there Fall and all of your lovely Sweaters!

Im ready for you! Here to make the dress more casual and comfy I added a large oversized Sweater (Free People). To keep the focus on the bodice I added two necklaces a gold braided collar (H&M) and a long gold chain with a red stone (ThreadSence).

And I can’t forget my trusty steed COMBAT BOOTS! (Steve Madden) and Throw on some cream wool socks (SouthMoonUnder) to continue the comfy feel.


Who wouldn’t be obsessed with this Vest?

Well I am at least!
IMG_6683 IMG_6680

Alright I was feeling dark, and versus putting on all Three leather pieces and calling it a day. I decided to color it up with this yellow floral dress(H&M) and throw this long Trench vest over the top. In Addition I kept on my gold braided necklace (H&M) and pair it with my gold buckets booties (Target).

I could wear black lipstick with this outfit but I opted for a Dark Red (Diva by MAC). I love to throw Dark elements with a dress that is bright and colorful!