This week your favorite B&S ladies are all participating in #FromWhereIStand where we’ll tell you a little about where were standing geographically, mentally, and what were standing in! Hashtag us on instagram and share your story with us!



Standing in the recently controversial state of Indiana wearing an American flag scarf, black maxi dress & olive safari vest. The State of Indiana has made headlines in such an unflattering way but recent measures were taken to “fix” the mistake that should have never been made. But I will say that I am proud of my community of Evansville because of the way we as a community came together to make it known that we did not agree with the first language in the RFRA.

Last Friday was equality day and it was a big deal here in Indiana, and I would just like to say that the B&S ladies believe in equality!


Where I stand mentally: Still job searching and still failing!

Easter Weekend:

I spent most of my Easer weekend traveling to and from Indianapolis. I took my brother and his friend to a basketball showcase for college coaches. It was a really long day of basketball but it was all worth it!



I Hope everyone had a wonderful Weekend!

XOXO Jordan


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