Flower Power

Flower Power

Just because the flowers outside are dying doesn’t mean the ones in your closet have to! In fact, one of my favorite prints to wear in the fall is floral! If you already packed away your floral prints….girl, you better go get them back out! In the mean time, check out some different ways you can wear them this fall! 

Mix your flowers with some leather to give them an edgier and darker look…

In this look I paired a flouncy feminine top with leather pants to take away from the “girly” feel. I then added some black booties and a necklace to give this look more of a nighttime vibe. If you wanted to take this look into the daytime, swap in some skinny jeans instead of the leather and add some flats and a simple necklace. 

photo 2 (28) photo 3 (22) photo 1 (18) photo 1 (20) photo 3 (16) photo 4 (17)photo 3 (15)  photo 2 (16)

Throw on some knee-highs and let the florals flow…

For this look I paired a flowy floral top, a leather skirt, and knee highs for a “Clueless” tribute (all hail Cher Horowitz!) I would recommend wearing this look from evening to nighttime.

photo 1 (27) photo 5 (12)

photo 4 (16) photo 3 (14) photo 5 (12) photo 2 (15)

photo 1 (17)

Pair a floral dress with my favorite thing in the world… AN OVERSIZED SWEATER!! 

This is definitely a daytime look and is a great outfit to wear when you just want to be cozy (but still look cute and sassy). I decided to pair this dress/sweater combo with some sandals and socks to give it a different look, but you can easily throw on some boots or flats and still get a cute ensemble for the day! 

photo 4 (13) photo 5 (17) photo 2 (14) photo 1 (15)

photo 2 (17) photo 5 (11)

photo 4 (15)

Tone Down the Florals…

Not all florals have to be big and bright. In this dress, the floral pattern is subtle, which makes it easy to pair with almost anything. I decided to go with a denim jacket and leather booties for a super easy daytime look. 

photo 4 (12) photo 2 (19) photo 3 (13) photo 1 (16)  photo 4 (14) photo 5 (10)photo 2 (18)

That’s a Wrap!

photo 3 (21)