Flower Child Chic in the City!

The time has finally come that I can share my latest update with you guys! I have been hard at work making clothes for a local boutique in downtown Lancaster called That Shuu Girl! The store owner, Nicole, has a fun, edgy, and urban style, so we wanted to bring the “flower child chic” look into her store for a different twist. However, I wanted to do something I have always enjoyed from a young age: repurposing old clothing. Each piece I made was bought at a local Goodwill or Salvation Army store (after last weeks post we all know how much I love Goodwill!), and was remade into a brand new look! That Shuu Girl is located on East King Street, about a block down from Tellus 360, so if you live in the Lancaster area come by and take a look, everything is affordable and one of a kind! See below for more details and pictures of my designs!

   photo 4 (22)  photo 1 (27) photo 1 (23)

Below are a few of the pieces for sale at That Shuu Girl. Fortunately (for me) several have already sold, but I am constantly working on more designs!

photo 3 (22) photo 4 (24) photo 4 (23) photo 5 (15) photo 5 (16) photo 3 (21) photo 1 (26) photo 1 (24) photo 2 (22) photo 2 (24) photo 5 (27) photo 5 (26) photo 4 (28) photo 3 (31) photo 3 (32) photo 1 (41) photo 2 (40) photo 4 (27)

Nicole paired my hand beaded knit tank with a look from her store!

In addition to my clothing, I have been getting ready for the holidays with some stockings (all made from old sweaters)!

photo 5 (14)

Again, if you live in the area come support me and check it out! Thank you!!!

photo 5 (25) photo 2 (21) photo 3 (20)