F*@K the COLD….Polar Vortex Survival Guide!

Winter, Why do you always sneak up on me?

I know you are coming, I love fall, but I am always so surprised and pissed when you blast me with your freezing winds…. why you gotta be like that?

So this is my Survival Guide to making it through the winter…

One: HIDE!!! Grab your stuggie and hibernate….its not like winter will miss you.


Though sleeping all winter sounds amazing.. I won’t lie FOMO will hit you eventually and then you must leave your bed and join the rest of functioning society.

So lets look cute and not freeze!!!


SO follow these basic guidelines that should be common sense to most…

but you know what they say about assuming 😉


So basically you need:

a) Black Opaque Tights

b) Coat with Fur

(the fur is a personal preference, but I don’t think you will regret it)

c) a Beanie and ALL of the Scarves

ORRRRR…. Ill just go back to the snuggie concept!