Fall Trends Week!!!

Flower Child Attempts Fall Trends…

Call me basic if you’d like, but fall is by far my favorite time of year. The beautiful colors, the crisp air, the hot apple cider, the football games, and of course, the fall fashion. I mean sweaters are basically blankets that you wear in public so I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t be excited about getting to wear them… Anyways, despite my love for fall fashion, I am not the biggest trend follower, but I have attempted some of this season’s trends just for you guys! So go grab yourself some hot apple cider (I already have mine next to me) and read up on some of my fall favorites!

Dresses Over Pants

photo 2 (20)

photo 1 (20)

I have to admit when I first saw this trend my first thought was, “uhmm no thank you,” but after playing around in my closet I found a way it could work with my style. These two looks feature my favorite slip (obviously, I’ve worn it in like, five posts now…). In the first outfit I went for a daytime look and paired it with some printed denim and a floor length sweater. In the second look I took it into the evening by swapping out the printed denim for a darker wash and throwing on my go to leather jacket. I think the key, in my opinion, is keeping the dress and accessories ย somewhat simple.

Slip: Free People

Printed Denim: American Eagle

Floor length sweater: Free People

Dark Denim: Somewhere in Italy…..

Leather Jacket: Charlette Russe (Not to shabby for Charlette Russe!)

Tan flats: Steve Madden

Black Necklace: Francesca’s

Oversized Everything (and a little plaid)

photo 3 (13)

I mean… everything in my closet is oversized, guess I’ve been rocking this trend for awhile now… However I did mix in some plaid which is another trend this fall (and every fall…) My only advice for this trend is don’t go oversized all over. I think I’ve said it before, but you don’t want to look like a giant blob! So do it on top or maybe even on the bottom, but make sure you give a hint of your real silhouette!

Sweater: Goodwill (perfect place to find oversized sweaters for super cheap)

Dress: Charlette Russe

Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Pastels (and sneakers!)

photo 3 (14)photo 1 (28)

So I am not at all a big fan of pastels. But I happened to have some in my closet so I figured I would try to make them work with my style. For the first look, I paired a pink sweater with a floral tank and some ripped denim, topping it off with converse sneakers and a pile of necklaces. This look is perfect for any daytime outing and super comfortable (thank god sneakers are in this season). For the second look I wanted to wear a pastel but not have it scream pastel (make sense?) So I paired my blazer with a printed tank and skirt to draw the eye away from the pinkness of the jacket. This outfit could be worn to work or out to happy hour with your friends!

Pink Sweater: H&M

Floral Top: Marlee Hirsch

Jeans: American Eagle

Blazer: Forever 21

Black and White Tank: Urban Outfitters

Floral Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Black Booties: Free Press

Necklace: That Shuu Girl

Animal Accents

ย photo 4 (19)photo 2 (21)ย photo 5 (18)

Crazy Cat Ladies…. THIS IS OUR YEAR! Finally, we can wear our cat clothes and not look crazy (ok we still might look a little crazy). This fall designers are playing with animal accents! Not animal prints like zebra, but actual animals. Lucky for me, I have plenty of shirts with cats on them, but I guess other animals work too… The two outside looks are pretty self explanatory, but the middle look strays away from the cat lady wardrobe. In this look I paired a horse printed button up shirt with my favorite leather pants (don’t worry they’re fake leather… that would be a tad hypocritical). You could pair this top with a lot of different things, denim being the easiest, but I wanted to show an outfit that you could wear out for drinks and still show some love for the animals.

Christmas Cat Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Horse Print Shirt: H&M

Leather Pants: Topshop

Cat Sweatshirt: That Shuu Girl