face paint & motorcycles


Hi all!

So this weeks post is going to be an accumulation of the past week of my life…so bare with me!


Halloween is the best holiday in my opinion, I mean you get to go wild, be mischievous, and eat copious amounts of candy!  Whats not to love?!

And the costumes… theres 3 ways thats costumes can go:

1. Funny-  group/partner costumes of celebrities or movies

2. Creative- the odd ball costumes, and the puns

3. Mean girls- “the one night a year a girl gets to blah blah blah….sexy…blah blah”

So this year I was a spider and my best friend Morgan, was my web!


| T-shirt dress- H&M, Fur vest- Versona |

And for saturdays costume I was a sugar skull, which is appropriate because of my love of skulls

IMG_8040     IMG_8046



| black dress- Bebe, leather leggings- Forever21 |


This weekend was a charity Poker Run that I was involved in, for a one of our great family friends. It was a great day filled with Bikers, motorcycles, raffles and jello shots! And if you know me at all, you know that Im absolutely obsessed with Sons of Anarchy so the entire day I was in HOG HEAVEN!!


IMG_7995     IMG_7991

| Beanie- Urban, Top- Target, Jacket- Forever21, purple hair- all me! |


This week was also my younger brothers Tennis banquet, they were sectional champs!! Im so proud of him!

IMG_8115     IMG_8130

| Top from Nordstrom Rack, cardigan from Forever21, Jeans from NYC& Co, Booties from Unsia |

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

XX Jordan