Dressing for your body type: Part I

Hi all! I hope everyone day a lovely holiday, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it brings all of my favorite things in the word together: Family, friends, food and football!

Anyways… This week the ladies and I are doing another theme week: Dressing for your body type.


Each one of us have our own style and body type to go along with it.

We don’t let our body types define us but we do let it influence our clothing



To start, each of us are going to show our body shapes in basics, leggings and a black top:

Β IMG_8838

Myself: Tall, broad, busty

I try to limit myself to the amount of labels I use in my daily life, but it’s a little hard when fashion is in the mix. I’m 6 foot 1, so for a female I’m extremely tall, since the average female height is 5 foot 4… which was how tall I was in 5th grade! I’ve played sports my entire life so I also have wide broad shoulders… I got all that from my dad!

Side Note: Keep in mind there is a difference between using a label and using an adjective, which on a side note Todd Chrisley wrote a nice little article for Huffington post about labels that I think is great.


Back to it, dressing for your body starts with knowing your body proportions.

So heres my take on it!


I have long arms & legs, and a short torso so I try to balance my torso with the right length shirts. I stay away from crop tops and short-waisted tops.Longer shirts help to balance my torso and hips (especially when wearing leggings). The longer the shirt with leggings the better!

Out & about


Jumpsuits can work for almost all body types, but having height is a major plus!

They make you look longer, legs for days!

Loose & flowyΒ and appropriate lengths:

the longer the leg, the shorter the dress looks

So opt for the longer hem line and I try to go for a loose but still structured fit

Weekend recap

The past 2 weekends have been extremely interesting! It was filled with lots of cold rainy football! My friend Shelby and I went on a mini road trip (a 5 day adventure) starting with a trip to Purdue University. Which would surprise many because I am Indiana Hoosier fan! But I had a really great time, and even experienced my first breakfast club! I decided that I am a big fan of breakfast club aka getting dressed up n costumes, drinking and bar hopping at 7 am! Shelby and I were Penguins, Skipper & Kowalski from Madagascar! And sitting 2nd row on the 50 yard line at a college football game isn’t bad at all!

From West Lafayette to Chicago we went! My friends and I went to the Bears v. Bucks and sat in the nose bleeds but it was worth it! Then we were off the visit my good friend from school, Rob in Geneva, IL where we learned how to make mozzarella and drank way too much wine!

Then one of the best bar nights of the year rolled around! The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is such a huge bar night in the midwest and it’s always a great time! And everyone is home for the holiday so it’s a sure bet for a high school reunion at the local bars, which can go either way. But all in all its been a great 2 weeks!

XX Jordan