Dress like a BLOGGER

I love the Blogger style…. but I guess why we started one.

But lets be REAL!


So I have THREE techniques to create the “Blogger” look.

1. Use Items that are already in your Closet that are Similar.

2. Use the same Color Palette

3. Use a similar Silhouette or Technique

1. Use Items that are already in your Closet that are Similar.


I love Song of Style, Aimee is so cute and I love the pieces she wears.

For this image in particular I love that she brought the maxi into fall.

BUT I don’t have a long sleeve MAXI!!!???


So to recreate this outfit grab a sheer button-down top the same color palette as a maxi skirt. Here I used a button down from Free People and a skirt in the same palette this one I got on sale from Marshall’s. I really liked that Aimee’s Maxi had a print so I was happy that I had two printed items in my closet to emulate that. But don’t feel like you are locked into this idea; you could do print on solid or solid on solid and it would have the same feel!

2. Use the same Color Palette



Her outfits are both unique and beautiful. I am mesmerized by every single thing she does/wears!!!

So lets be real.. Do you see that shirt I can’t re-create that, unless i had a pinstripe skirt to match my pinstripe top… well that would be an attempt but idk how successful it would be.

So Instead lets use the concept and color!!!


I love this outfit and its super simple. A Pin Stripe top from H&M, a green/ dark teal blazer from Anthropology, black pants and personally I wasn’t feeling the boots so I put on these strappy heels to spice up the outfit!!

3. Use a similar Silhouette or Technique


I own so many scarves so when I see a new way to wear them, I am up for it!
this is from HonestlyWTF. This blog shows a little of everything but that is some of the best kinds of blogs!!

crazy scarf

ok… okay …ok!

I know this outfit is a little crazy but i love it and the scarf over the shoulder and belted is so cute. One thing I always believe is not to be afraid of going a little crazy once in a while. Its one outfit in a lifetime of outfits!!!

Moral of the story: You can take more from bloggers than buying exact pieces from their blog/outfits.

Go Have Fun!!! xoxo