Current Obsessions



This week I wanted to fill you guys in on some of my current obsessions. My style and interests are always changing, but for right now here’s a few things I love! 

The FP Tunic (and the cat I found wearing it)

photo 5 (23) photo 2 (35) photo 1 (36)

If you follow Free People at all on any social media, you’ve definitely seen this dress before. It comes in a variety of different colors and has been all over their posts. I found this particular one at Nordstrom and I’m absolutely in love with it. For this look I paired it with some thigh highs (another current obsession), but I’ve worn it with leather pants to go out and sheer tights and booties for a family dinner. 

*A little tip for thigh high socks: Maybe it’s just me, but socks this tall never stay up on my legs. Luckily I discovered the wonders of double sided tape! I just put a few long strips on my lower thighs, right where the socks end, and they stay up all day long! The permanent kind works best!

Making Weaves

Lately I have been ATTEMPTING to make my own weaves for decoration around my room. I am still learning but I have been having fun trying new techniques and playing around to see what I can come up with! Below are some pictures of my process and the final outcomes. I’m no textile student, but hey, I tried.  

Step one: Find a stick with a V shape. Clean off any loose bark and make sure it is dried out!

photo 1 (37)

Step two: Tie string (I used thin strips of fabric) from end to end, keeping all of the knots on the back. Make sure they’re tied tight!

 photo 2 (36) photo 3 (28)

Step three: Tie one end of your yarn on the existing strings and start weaving! Over, Under… that’s it. Play around with it, mixing in different yarns (or fabrics) and forming different shapes!

photo (9)

  photo 4 (24) photo 5 (24)

For this next one I decided to try it on an old frame to see what the outcome would be…

 photo 3 (19) photo 5 (13)  photo 2 (20) photo 3 (18)photo 1 (22) photo 4 (20)


photo 2 (37) photo 1 (38) photo 3 (29)

I actually have no idea who this girl is, but I found her on Instagram and I love her. Her style is the perfect mix of boho and edgy and her pictures are always fun and creative. Leah Hoffman, if you’re reading this… good job, keep it up. 


Sasquatch! Music Festival 2013 - Day 4

alt-J is a British band classified as “Indie Rock.” I first started listening to them after my road trip in March, and I have been playing them on repeat ever since. They definitely don’t have a “feel good” vibe so if you’re looking for something to sing and dance to they’re probably not the best option… However I definitely think they’re worth listening to because their music is unlike anything I’ve ever heard and I love it. On their first album, An awesome wave, the songs “Dissolve Me” and “Breezeblocks” are two of my favorites, so if you’re going to give them a shot I’d recommend trying those first! On their second album, This is all Yours, my two favorites are “Pusher” and “Every Other Freckle.” It might take a few listens to really start to like them (it took me and entire car ride to California), but now I can’t stop. 

Thanks for reading!