Confessions of a Product Junkie Part TWO

Welcome to this Safe Environment.

a place where we can admit our flaws and not be judged.

Ill start..

HI, My Name is Katie and I am a Product Junkie.

I have been finding cheaper alternatives for my product addiction for about a year now.

I realized I had a problem first, when I would go into an Ulta, Sephora or MAC and come out spending twice as much as I originally intended.

But I have now found a solution!


About a year ago I signed up for Myglam, or Ipsy. Whatever its called.

But basically it is one of those subscription bags that you get once a month.

But this one is only 10 dollars.

Honestly the reason I love this bag so much is it really stops me from:

A. Going into a beauty store and buying products just to try or just for the hell of it.


B. Its a mysterious goodie bag that I get in the middle of the month.

Who doesn’t love to receive packages?

Not to mention… Pink Packages…

Now this isnt a sales pitch, I really do love this product.

So lets talk about what you get..


So when you first sign up you take a test. This test interprets what you like and dont like and then you get a bag based off of your answers.

Now I have done quite a bit of searching as the year has gone on to see how similar peoples bags are.. and they vary a bit here and there…. But I dont know how much of that is really based on the test.

BUT regardless, there have been very few times that I have received a product I dont like, even then, its usually 1 in 5 products that I receive.


Then within every bag is a card that explains the theme and either has a contest or shows which brands are 15% off each month. All the products


The value of the bag can vary from 30-60 dollars.

Most products are full sized too.

Here is what i received in this month Glam Bag

   IMG_1984 IMG_1982


IMG_1991 IMG_1993

Im Obsessed with the lip butter and the eyeshadows are a classic and feel fabulous. Im excited to use the eye gels, ive heard so many great things!!

I love that I it included a full sized brush!!

There are so many ways to be a girl on a budget! This is just my monthly favorite!!


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