Beauty… its whats inside the bottle that matters

Hi everyone, happy Monday!

This weeks post is my version of “Confessions of a product junky!”

My routine is pretty simple, nothing crazy!

But these are a few of my favorite products:

Lush is the coolest place, all handmade and organic products makes from fruits and vegetables with no preservatives. And the soap is amazing, everything is better when its sold by the pound!


Silky Underwear powder is my best friend & the seaweed face mask is perfect if you’ve been out in the sun or tanning


My favorite part is the little labels of who made the products


Lotions lotions lotions


Handmade lotion by Meg Spragis Available for sale by email


all organic! the coconut eye masque is my favorite


If you tan, this is the best facial lotion, i use it everyday even when I’m not tanning

Make up: Bronze for days!


Tattoo color pigment i mix with a dab of water and turn into eyeliner. the wonder pencil does 5 different things its great and so is a jumbo eye pencil!

And I saved my favorite for last, Jamberry nails!
I am now an official Jamberry nail consultant and I’m loving it!

They are nail wraps that come in different colors and patterns. Its super easy to use, all you do is heat up the wrap for 5 seconds apply it to the nail, trim, file it down and heat up again for another 5 seconds and tadaaaa you’re done! They last for 2 weeks and look great the entire time! If you’re interested in learning more you can visit my website:



the best smelling cuticle oil ever! Ive had my camp nails on now for almost 3 weeks now!

Weekend Recap:

Last week my family and I went the the NCAA tournament in Louisville, Ky and we lucky enough to watch all 4 games that day. For all of us being true IU fans paying to watch Kentucky and Purdue play was a little hard but definitely worth it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a great week everyone!

XOXO Jordan


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