American Heritage

 Tommy Hilfiger FW12 Hero-1

Hi all!

So this weeks post is an ode to denim and classic American design like our favorites Ralph & Tommy.

As you have seen from my previous posts I have such an array of things that I like and that contribute to my style, my dark side mixed with just a dash of hipster and a whole lot of prep! But this week my preppy side took over.

Denim on denim is easy to pull off as long as you don’t go overboard on the matching of the denim…unless you’re going for the Brittany & JT circa 2001 look…


Heres how to do it right:

polo-jeans-co-ralph-lauren-fw-2010-arlenis-sosa-jenry-bejarano-by-mark-seliger     polo-jeans-co-ralph-lauren-fw-2010-arlenis-sosa-by-mark-seliger

This weekend while shopping with my mother in Kentucky we stopped at a park she used to take my brother and I too when we were little. So naturally I jumped out of the car and made her take 100 and 1 pictures of me.

So heres another post from Kentucky!

| Sweater – Ralph Lauren |

|Chambray shirt & Jeans – Gap |

| Glasses – Coach |


IMG_8214  the-hilfigers-family  IMG_8196

IMG_8194  IMG_8211

IMG_8195 IMG_8206 IMG_8207  IMG_8219

This sweater is one of my newest purchases that will quickly become a staple in my closet


The baking season is upon us and to kick it off I wanted to share with you one of my recipes for homemade icing!

When decorating cookies you always want a fun icing, and not all the time do you have food coloring in the cabinet, but I have a fun solution! Replace the food coloring with kool-aid!

By using kool-aid mix you not only get a colored icing but you get a fun flavored icing!

Its super easy and quick to make!

What you need:

1 1/2 cups confectioners’ sugar

3 tablespoons butter, softened

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

1 1/2 tablespoons milk

1 teaspoon kool-aid mix

IMG_8173 IMG_8172

First pour measured milk into a small bowl and add kool-aid mix, whisk together until powder is dissolved. Add all ingredients together in a bowl and beat on low until you get desired consistency. For a thinner icing add small amounts of milk to mix, same goes for kool-aid powder if you want to change the color.

IMG_8170   IMG_8183   IMG_8182 IMG_8175  IMG_8191


Happy baking! XX Jordan