A Dose of Christmas Spirit

A Dose of Christmas Spirit

In today’s world, Its easy to forget to stop and enjoy the Christmas season. The older you get, the more it seems that Christmas is about avoiding rude people, and how far you can stretch your budget. But I absolutely love Christmas time! The cozy feeling, the cold weather, coming home to family, and giving thoughtful gifts to loved ones. You know, just that Christmas feeling, you can’t really describe! This post is a reminder to stop and enjoy the season, how I did, and how you can too!

 Longwood Gardens

Longwoods Gardens is an estate originally owned by the Dupont family, located in Kennett Square, PA. Every Christmas, it is decked out for the season! Nothing can give you a little Christmas spirit like walking down lighted lanes in the cold! Here are some pictures of my visit to spread some Christmas cheer.

IMG_3492 IMG_3501

IMG_3529 IMG_3515

IMG_3513 IMG_3526 IMG_3536

IMG_3511 IMG_3514

IMG_3534 IMG_3535 IMG_3533

 IMG_3498 IMG_3516


IMG_3517 IMG_3522



Take sometime this holiday season to indulge in, and cherish, the things that make this time of year truly magical! Wether thats adventuring in the cold, or watching a Christmas classic with family, do whatever it is that will make these moments special to you!


Cliff Note:

This is what I wore.

I am always extremely cold. So I always wear a hat when I know I’ll be outdoors. Lucky for me, knit caps seem to always be in!

Under my jacket I wore a Free People turtleneck sweater to ensure I’d be warm. The longer the better, the more of your body that is covered, the warmer you’ll be.

Just to add some extra warmth, I wore an infinity scarf over my turtleneck! its a good thing they’re in, because the wrapping ability of these scarves adds so much warmth a comfort!

For the sake of some style, I wore a quilted bomber jacket, instead of a more traditional down jacket. Since I was wearing a heavy sweater, I could get away with a slightly lighter jacket without compromising warmth!

I chose fingerless gloves with a mitten flat, because I find mittens much warmer (and cuter) than gloves!

I opted for jeans, because they were the warmest bottom I could think of! However, after dark, I was wishing I had worn tights, or leggings underneath them! (this is a great secret for creating a little more warmth on the bottom)

To complete my outfit I wore Maroon Knit socks ( you can’t see them in the picture, but they accented my sweater) and comfortable leather boots to keep my feet happy and warm!

The key to dressing for an outdoor winter adventure is layers! you can always take layers off if you get warm, but its always better to start off warm and cozy!


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