Happy New Year y’all!

2014 seems like a blur, the broke & shameless ladies and I accomplished a lot this year… fashion show, graduated from college and took the first steps into the next chapter of our lives leaving college behind. Regardless of any hardships, doubts, or failed attempts that I faced this year, the good outweighed the bad and I’m pretty happy with the way 2014 ended, and needless to say it ended with a bang!


I spent New years with a small group of great friends in Nashville, TN!

Rob and I started out New Years adventure with the Music City Bowl game, at LP Field where the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame beat LSU!

Followed by shopping and drinking we rang in the New Year on Broadway where Lady Antebellum played and the music note dropped! Besides the crazy crowd and my shoes not wanting to stay on my feet the night went perfectly!

And New Years day was spent breaking and entering! We may or may not have trespassed on Vanderbilt’s baseball field, definitely worth it!

{Rob and I matched in Michael Kors}

| Michael Kors Jumpsuit & Blazer |

| J.crew necklace |


I’ll admit that I’ve been pretty gluttonous over the holiday season, and I do feel a little sorry but it was definitely worth it! So this month is my month to start cutting back on all things…even online shopping (eeekk!!) Normally I am absolutely terrible with New years resolutions so this year I am going for a different strategy and my goal is to just become an all around better and healthier person! Good luck to all of you resolutioners out there! And wish me luck because I need it!

Here’s wishing you a happy every day of 2015!

Holiday Recap

XOXO Jordan!



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